Runway Hair Studio’s stylist offer professional makeup services to achieve the beauty look you desire. We are proud to use EvaGarden products in our studio. Please feel free to contact us for any inquires on our make up services or for booking.

“EVAGARDEN was founded in 1979 with a practical cosmetic line, where the essential oils formed the fundamental basis. In 1986 the decorative “Professional Make-up Line” was introduced and from 1994 EVAGARDEN specializes in make-up. The products EVAGARDEN were borne for make-up artists while respecting the original philosophy of the Company and now are the perfect meeting point berween the needs of the professionals and the desires of all women: high quality, effectiveness, extreme lasting wear and easy application. EVAGARDEN make-up becomes a real beauty treatment thanks to the active principles and last generation formulations. EVAGARDEN is distributed in Italy and abroad in all environments that enhance the professionalism,quality and style of “Made in Italy”.”

Makeup Starting From $75