Runway Hair Stylist

Runway Hair Studio offers some of the best hair stylist in Toronto to their customers. Each stylist is professional trained and guaranteed to give you the best haircut possible!

Angelo Scarfo

Artistic Director

Angelo Scarfo is the owner and artistic director at Runway Hair Studio. Angelo has also worked around the globe, traveling in the United States and Europe. Developing and mastering the art of hair dressing throughout the years, no doubt Angelo is very skilled at his craft and is one of Toronto’s top stylists. He believes that listening to his client’s needs and educating them to achieve best results, in salon and at home is what keeps his clients coming back. His outgoing & charming personality makes every visit refreshing and welcoming.

Manuela Ritorto Bruzzese

Salon Coordinator / Manager

Elena Pougia

Style Director

With over 17 years of experience in the industry, Elena has honed her craft in both cut and coloring. She has a hunger to continuously learn about her craft and is always keeping up with the latest trends. She is an expert in creating looks that are trendy, yet suites her client’s personality and lifestyle. Connecting with her clients is something that she truly values, so be prepared to feel welcomed and at ease when you sit in Elena’s chair. Over-come any hair challenges you have by letting Elena work her magic.

Kanami Ikawa

Style Director

Kanami is from Japan with over 15 years of experience as a stylist working in Tokyo, London and Toronto. Not only does she love to create different hairstyles but also dabbles in other creative works outside of her profession such as painting and fashion design. Music, cities, people, fashion & everyday life often inspire her and she always finds a way to channel her inspiration to the work that she does on her clients. Kanami believes that delivering great work to her clients is achieved through thorough consultations and communication. She loves working on classic hairstyles while adding a modern twist, and sometimes will bring traditional Japanese elements to the table.